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What we do...

KEYU is based in North Adelaide, South Australia and provides not for profit educational seminars in communication, people management and stress management using Process Communication Model® (PCM). The seminars are applicable to all individuals , and organisations who work with people. KEYU supports the wellbeing of doctors and health professionals by providing scholarship places.

About PCM

PCM is a language-based communication, personality assessment and management methodology that offers a learnable, logical and structured skill set. It provides a tool to identify individual language preferences and characteristics, by observation and an understanding of how we can learn to predict and influence behaviours by using these observations.

PCM training offers a special skills learning method to identify communication preferences and stress behaviour. It suddenly becomes obvious why we and others respond in particular ways to certain situations.

With this training, you will be able to understand your reactions —and how to fix it! You will be able to assist yourself, and others, to do a U-turn out of unproductive behaviour, and drama and into more open and authentic communication.

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Seminars are facilitated by Dr Marion Andrew, MBChB FANZCA

A medical doctor and specialist anaesthetist, Dr Marion Andrew works in South Australia. In this role, she has experienced first-hand how important communication is to safety, culture and the quality of our relationships in any organisation as well our personal lives.

She is a certified trainer in PCM, with 9 years experience in communication education. . Marion is committed to improved wellbeing and self care through a better understanding of communication.

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